Refresh Yourself | We ARE WHAT WE EAT
At our "REFRESH YRSLF" gatherings we aim to refresh each other by sharing, learning, networking and getting inspired from each other.
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We are what we eat and nourishing ourselves with nature’s food is the key to enhancing our health, vitality and state of mind. Our bodies can heal themselves if given the right foods. This in turn generates positive aspects in other areas of our lives.

However nowadays it is very difficult to know what to eat. There is so much conflicting information around; How are we supposed to know what is good for your health?

We are often seduced into buying products by believing what it is claimed on the packaging and thinking we are purchasing food that is healthy for us. We have all seen those products promising a drop in dress size in two weeks, helping to lower cholesterol level or blood pressure, and products that are beneficial to the gut etc. But are they as beneficial as they seem and should we believe all those packaging claims?

Is it better to buy low fat yoghurt or full fat?

Is it better to have orange juice or an orange?

Is it better to have a normal Coke or a Diet/Coke Zero?

Is it better to eat low fat spread or real butter?

In our hectic lifestyles we rarely have time to study the packaging closely, let alone the claims that are made for the product, or  to check the carbohydrates, the sugar levels, the salt or the saturated fats:  we are invariably rushing round putting products in the trolley that we know or have always bought.  For those using home delivery it’s even harder; we are usually buying the same stuff week in week out. We may also be tempted by ready meals as they appear appetising and don’t require any preparation at home.

We need honest, non-bias advice from people that are not influenced by another agenda.

Leonie Wright is the owner of  and will be joining us on 28th April 2018 at the Exchange in Twickenham, London.