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MINDFULNESS a nourishing, supporting way of living in a hectic stressful world

Year 2014 was the first time I got to hear about MINDFULNESS. Lucky me my first experience  of it was a guidance of a very dynamic and experienced facilitator who literally briefed me step by step through this mindful natural state of living. Back then I was much more fact oriented than I am now, meaning I needed more proof that this is really a effective tool I could use for stress reduction and a more balanced life.

Now, I know it is not only about a short term or long term outcome, but it is about trusting the process within, being kind to myself and others is essential. I simply have to reset, refresh and remind myself about this vital mindful way of living every special breathing moment.  I got my own personal proof that mindfulness can improve physical and mental health and overall well-being but nevertheless truth is it needs practice, practice and more practice.

That’s why I like the saying, “you have to cultivate mindfulness”, in the sense of planting and watering seeds and then tending those seeds as they first take root and grow in the soil of our hearts and then flower and bear fruit in interesting, useful and creative ways (reference “Sitting Still Like a Frog by Eline Snel”).

Getting inspired and feeling motivated,  I started to dig more into this “new” way of living and started to recreate and overview priorities in my life. I started to take more time for myself, my personal as well as business duties and relations, started to concentrate more on my needs and started to cultivate mindfulness through regular meditation.

This was and is my way of cultivating mindfulness; December 2015 I took the opportunity to be part of a 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program which again supported my processing of being more mindful instead of just fullfilling ordinary to do lists. Since September 2016 I am a regular member of  Giorgina Pontet’s mindful mediation sessions and in addition to my career as an experiential learning faciliator,  I joined a train the trainer program in June 2017 at the University of Westminser in London and got certified as a “Youth Mindfulness Teacher” by

I am aiming to get more people interested in mindfulness, children as well as adults. Therefore I will be practicing mindfulness and try my best to encourage others to do so as well in order to relax, reset and refresh themselves.

Beside running mindfulness programs at schools, I am also running mindfulness introduction programs for adults, sharing personal experience and getting more people involved in this practice. Mindfulness is definitely a capacity, that can be developed and deepened.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Buddhist Monk and spiritual master says;

“You are here for life and if you are here for life, life will be here for you. It’s simple. Peace is contagious, being simple and happy is contagious. When you practice mindful mediation, you stop being a slave of the past or the future, you get the strength to resist the tendency to be carried away by thoughts and fears. Don’t waste your time with worrying about things that have not or may never happen. Practice meditation so that the three elements of body, mind and breath become one.”

If you are interested in INDIVIDUAL, YOUTH or COOPERATE MINDFULNESS programs, please do get in touch. In my MINDFULNESS programs I do combine experiential learning tools, meditation as well as sharing cyles. I find it important to give information out as well as to give opportunities to share, understand and nourish each other.

Hope you as well will start your mindfulness journey very soon, looking forward to connect. Dilek Polat Sesli owner of Green Experience Ltd Training Services.