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I was watching some videos on my i-pad last Sunday while I had to stir a soup in the kitchen. There was this Ted talk from 1984, forecasting about predictions for the future. A gentleman from the IT industry was telling, he believes that in the near future, nobody needs to learn a language anymore. All we would have to do was to buy this pill (guess that would be a really expensive one…) and take it. As soon as the pill has gone into your blood stream, it will reach your brain and after some time, you just talk fluent in that language.

So if that can be done with learning a language, it would be also possible to do it with learning literature, maths, science, history and all other stuff that we used to learn at school for hours and hours. My daughter, who is just 10 now and who sneezed into the kitchen to grab some crisps and listened to a part of the talk, made a big jump and wanted the future to come through our door tomorrow or even just now. She said she is fed up with over learning and repeating maths and other stuff at school and she found this pill solution cool.

I was thinking how it would be a for trainers and teachers in the future, when the things this gentleman was talking about would come true. Would these pills work also for subjects like effective communication, empathy, leadership skills, assertiveness and similar subjects?

Actually, how do we learn these subjects? Obviously, it is not enough for everyone to get the information and knowledge about these soft skills. We all have a different trigger to “learn” and change in these fields. We need a kind of “readiness” after getting the knowledge to put the information into practice and to observe change in our behaviour after soft skills training. Of course there are much more layers underlying the act of leaning that results in our behaviour change. So coming back to the pills, they maybe would work really good with maths, chemistry, physics, geography and languages. But I am not so sure about soft skills and so, I am pretty sure that there will be loads of work opportunities for trainers, coaches and teachers for the next century.

So lets meet in the next session of REFRESH YRSLF on 9th of December 2017  and talk about ASSERTIVENESS AND WHAT LIES BENEATH.

I hope they won’t find the pills for these subjects until then. And if, I’ll bring them around and we take them all together with a nice cup of tea and coffee…

 Zerrin Türe Sütçü