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At our "REFRESH YRSLF" gatherings we aim to refresh each other by sharing, learning, networking and getting inspired from each other.
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YES ! There always be tasks and responsibilities and things that need to be done. We find ourselves in a  constant flow of completing these tasks and adding more and more to our daily responsibilities. Remember that you need time for yourself,  time for relaxing and refreshing. You need to put yourself first !


What can you do to REFRESH YOURSELF?

Drink a glass of water, take a walk in nature, practice mindfulness meditation, eat something healthy, read a book, meet caring friends who will make you laugh, take a nap and just relax and focus literally on YOUR BEING and YOUR WELLBEING. Tip of the day; “Do something each day that is different to your routine.”


Our refreshing journey as an OPEN SEMINAR event platform started in April 2017 in London. Organising events and gatherings for the purpose of sharing with each other, learning from each other and most importantly refreshing each other. Keynote speakers are enriching our OPEN SEMINAR gatherings by introducing themselves as well as their specific, unique and interesting up-to-date topics.


INTRO; these events are generally 2 hours long which is a valuable opportunity to get an idea about a special topic you are interested in as a participant. You will get to know the keynote speaker as well as his/her profession. Whereby a WORKSHOP is an interactive training,  involving expertise and experience sharing within an interactive learning environment which generally is a minimum of 4 hours or even longer practice.



As a company you have to inspire, support and take care of your employee’s physical and mental wellbeing as well as empower their skills,  boost their energy and motivation.Let us be your catalyst as we just know the right people who can support you in your corporate responsibility.

Will bring you together with experts who’s approach and services will be an encouragement for your peoples’ personal and professional lives, aiming to cultivate a healthier and happier corporate culture overall. Contact us to discover how we can support you and your


As you browse through our website you will come along some english as well as turkish events and articles.  Refresh Yrslf was originally founded by six women who’s origin is Turkey.   Please check out our TEAM section and get to know these refreshing ladies.  Refresh Yrslf is officially operated and managed by Dilek Polat Sesli who is one of the co-founders and founder of


Refresh Yrslf events are announced via eventbrite,  linkedin, social media, instagram and facebook.  Please search for Refresh Yrslf on as well as  follow us on our facebook page Refresh@refreshyrslf. Pop in an e-mail if we would like to be in our mailing list


We would be very pleased to partner with everyone who would like to be more visible and make use of Refresh Yrslf as an additional marketing tool. If you have any questions or would like to be a keynote speaker and promote your business and experience  feel free to get in touch. Have a look at our refreshing gatherings, follow us on social media  and  meet us at our events.


We definitely believe in the universal law of “giving & receiving”. Refresh Yrslf OPEN SEMINAR tickets are reinvested for the purpose of  business sustainability as well as fundraising for Turkish and English charities. Charities we supported in the past;, GÜNEŞ UMUTTUR ( a Turkish initiative started by Billur Güven, supporting village pupils in Anatolia and OFF THE RECORD TWICKENHAM as well as various other international initiatives.



april 2020

19apr11:00 am1:00 pmRefresh Yrslf - Beatles in London - 2 hour Walking Turkish Guided Tour

25apr10:30 am12:00 pmCareer Walk in Regent's Park talking about Career & Professional Life

29apr6:00 pm8:00 pmRefresh Yrslf - Relationships, Couples Coaching - INTRO EN

may 2020

20may6:00 pm7:30 pmRefresh Yrslf Life Style - Uncork the Best - Wine Tasting Workshop

september 2020

26sep11:00 am1:00 pmRefresh Yrslf Family - ATTACHMENT & RELATIONSHIPS -INTRO EN



Dilek Polat Sesli


Esra Kizir Gökçen


Yasemin Eskiyapan Kurtaran


Zerrin Türe Sütçü


İnci Türkay


Ayşen Topkaya


3 latin words, simply describing the law of giving and receiving. We as REFRESH TEAM want to share, connect and therefore will be posting our experiences, thoughts, interesting facts and quotes. Let’s keep in touch.


3 latin words, simply describing the law of giving and receiving. We as REFRESH TEAM want to share, connect and therefore will be posting our experiences, thoughts, interesting facts and quotes. Let’s keep in touch.

 As a company you have to inspire, support, empower employees, boost their energy and motivation. Let us be your catalyst as we just know the right people who can support you in your corporate responsibility. Through our event platform Refresh Yourself, we are naturally enriched......

Tüm çocuklar normalde hissetmesini arzu etmeyeceğimiz zor duyguları hissederler. Zor duygular, aynı olumlu diye nitelendirdiğiz duygular gibi insan olmanın doğal bir parçasıdır. Bu duygular sırasında çocukların dikkatini dağıttığımızda (ya da ‘aa ağlanır mı hiç buna’ gibi utandırıldıklarında), bu duygular bedenlerinde hala vardır. Çocuklar duygularını bastırmayı......

When I introduce my self as a “Coach”, people often ask me “is it like a sports coach?” or “ is it like counseling?” or “is it like consulting?” and I start to explain what  coaching is.  On the other hand sometimes to explain what......

We are what we eat and nourishing ourselves with nature’s food is the key to enhancing our health, vitality and state of mind. Our bodies can heal themselves if given the right foods. This in turn generates positive aspects in other areas of our lives.......

Mindfulness Eğitmeni Sinem Aksay Sabah ile yaşadığımız ana dikkat etmek üzerine konuştuk. Mindfulness’ı çocuklarımıza öğretmek yerine, önce ebeveynler olarak bizlerin öğrenmesi, kısacası anın farkında olmayı bilmemiz gerekiyor. Sinem hanım merhaba; Mindfulness tam olarak nedir? En yalın hali ile mindfulness dikkat etmektir.  Yaşadığımız şu ana dikkatimizi......

%98 hayal gücü kapasitesi olan anaokulu çocuğu üniversiteye geldiğinde %2’lik bir oran ile başbaşa kalıyor.Bu yüzden çocuklarla olan derslerimde hep onlara filleri pembe bulutları mor çizin,abartın, saçmalayın, kocaman düşünün derim. Yaratmak, üretmek ve paylaşmak hep hayallerimizle olur. Kalıpların dışında yaşamak, hayallerimizin peşinden gitmek ve kalbimizi......

  Size kendi göçmenlik hikayemin nasıl başladığını anlatayım: İngiltere’ye taşınmamızın sanırım 4. Ayıydı. O güne kadar son derece mutlu, uyumlu ve hevesliydim. Yeni insanlar tanıyacak, hayalimdeki gibi kocaman bahçeli bir evde yaşayacak, yeni evimin dekorasyonunu tam da hayal ettiğim gibi yapabilecektim. Tabii tüm bunların yanında......

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Refresh Yrslf is a community interest brand operated by Green Experience Training Services thriving to connect communities to each other and deliver events with unique keynote speakers who are enthusiastic to share their experience and knowledge with like minded friends. So join us for sharing and learning from each other, exchanging ideas and refreshing each other.GREEN EXPERIENCE